How a Career Service Agency Helps Clients Achieve Greater Success

Registering with APEX Career Services can help a person find the job of his or her dreams. With assistance from this type of agency, the job candidate boosts chances of being hired with a stronger resume and cover letter. Tips on interview effectiveness and practice with the interview process also are valuable services.

Crafting Documents and Practicing Interviews

The resume and cover letter are the initial priorities because that’s what the human resources department sees first. Nevertheless, it’s best to complete some practice interviews with the career services representative before even sending out an application. The organization might be impressed enough with the person’s qualifications that they reach out and ask for an interview quickly. The candidate must be fully prepared at that time and confident about this next step.

The first interview might be conducted by phone or a video chat. The applicant must be thoroughly prepared for this possibility. A phone conversation with prospective employers has not been unusual in previous years, but video interviews are relatively new. This has a different style than the in-person discussion, so the applicant will want to become comfortable with it.

Making Followup Contact

This career services agency will also recommend following up after the interview with a thank-you note. This typically is done by email, but it could be a printed note sent through postal mail in some circumstances. In some instances, the supervisor or manager in charge of the hiring decision is torn between two excellent candidates. A thank-you note can sway that individual in a positive direction.

It’s also OK to send a polite email or make contact by phone after a certain amount of time has passed. If the candidate has not heard about a decision one way or the other, a courteous request for information is acceptable.

In Conclusion

When the candidate receives an acceptable offer for a dream job, the agency would love to hear about it. Their representatives find it rewarding to help their clients become more successful. In the future, if this man or woman is interested in preparing for career advancement, the agents will be happy to assist.